Kasia & David: Vintage Polish Love.

Last fall I had a pleasure of working with an amazing couple. (I have to disclaim this also because I am lucky enough with our team to work with a lot of amazing couples). Kasia being 100% Polish and always being involved in local Polish community (as much as even dancing in a Polish Folk dance team) knew that Polish theme would be a big part of her wedding. She also loved vintage elements and wanted to create a very cozy reception for her guests. Obvious choice for a venue was the American Polish Cultural Center. She ended up picking the new section of the banquet hall that is a blank canvas and she wanted to bring the vintage elements in through our decorations. We did something very daring because we actually picked very dark navy table linens and instead of going with traditional light colored chair covers with picked even darker chocolate ones. Only our centerpieces were white with champagne and gold accents. Kasia also wanted to bring in the peacock theme into our color combination and we did that in a very delicate way. There were only few  nudges to the theme, such as table numbers and in few places peacock feathers. Being really busy with preparing this 350 people wedding I completely missed the window for taking my photos and just got few that were not acceptable to share. Thankfully Marek Dziekonski, totally saved the day by taking amazing amount of detailed photos from the reception. Below photos with exceptions of maybe two are all his! (Yes you will know which two I took....) Also Marek has quite a few photos on his blog post - be sure to check those out as well.

First and formost is Kasia's bridal bouquet. All white and champagne with some greenery and lots of texture. The stems were wrapped in lace and antique crystals and pearls.

Bridesmaids had bright royal blue dresses so in order to create some dramatic pop of color we chose to go with also very textural bouquets with shades of white and champagne and few greenery.

Here is entire bridal party standing in front of St. Florian church in Hamtramck.

If you have never been inside of St. Florian, it is truly amazing and very vintage looking.

In a true Polish wedding there has to be a flower girl! And head wreaths / wianki are very common for the girls to wear. I love creating little details like this little head piece for Kasia's flower girl!

The view of the room in American Polish Center right when guests started coming in.

We created two different types of centerpieces for Kasia and David. This one is a manzanita branch centerpiece with gold accents, crystals and candles. On other tables we had tall floral arrangements filled with flowers.

A detail of the head table. We dressed it up with a mixture of vases, branches and candles. In the back you can see our vintage frame design with peacock feathers.

Oh and did I mention the head table had three layers or tables?

We've designed little details such as the notes above to give more vintage charm to all the elements.
The photo on the left is actually on of the mom's bridal gown! We had it hanging right outside of the reception room. (I mean how amazing is it that both moms still had their wedding gowns? Talk about a perfect occasion to showcase them.)

Polish table is a must at Polish wedding! This one was truly awesome. That's where you could find pierogi and also variety of other small-plates-type of snacks.

Kasia and David cutting their beautiful wedding cake!

Kasia and her Oczepiny! Very Polish tradition. Here done by Czarny Dunajec, our amazingly talented local Polish Folk Dance team.

And here Czarny Dunajec performing for all the wedding guests. (How cool is that?) Back in the day when I was starting this business I remember there were quite a few Polish weddings that used to get Polish Folk dance groups performing at weddings. I have to say this was the first one in a really long time that I have seen. Maybe it's coming back? Let's hope! 

I truly think our beautiful couple had the time of their lives on their wedding day. Our entire team is wishing Kasia and David countless years of happiness and 100 lat of love!

Ceremony: St. Florian
Table Number Design/ Favors: Goizzy
Flowers/Linens/Chavari Chairs/Chargers/Drapes: Goizzy

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benilhalk said...

Truly wonderful pictures and equally elegant bouquets. I am going to arrange my nephew’s wedding next month and searching for best NYC wedding venues around. Want to get venue decorated with flowers and other amazing things.